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The Whiskey Club

It’s not often that you will be enjoying a bourbon at a bar and find yourself sitting next to the distiller who crafted it. This experience could happen at The Golden Pig, as many of the bar’s spirits are locally sourced. Like fine wines and craft beers, craft spirits have unique stories that bring another level to the drinking experience. Tyler Randolph, the bar manager, was inspired to start a whiskey club, similar to a beer club, as a fun way to bring people together and showcase the collection of local and interesting whiskeys available at The Golden Pig.

The Golden Pig’s new Whiskey Club is for whiskey enthusiasts and novices alike. Why whiskey? Bourbon and whiskey are Americana in their own right, and the spirits have intriguing stories, which Tyler enjoys sharing with club members. By joining the Whiskey Club, members not only have access to small releases of whiskey, but can relish the experience in an atmosphere of camaraderie.

The club’s line-up of twenty-six whiskeys includes an interesting mix of straight bourbon, straight rye, a 3-grain recipe, Scotch whisky, blends, and more. With so many to try, you’ll find a few Mendocino County whiskeys from Rapscallion Spirits Co., Greenway Distillery, and Charbay Distillery. To enjoy the taste and complexity of these exquisite spirits, we pour the tastings in glasses made especially for whiskey – with a tapered mouth – allowing you to smell all the aromas and subtleties.

Joining the Whiskey Club is easy; just sign up for $10 at The Golden Pig, and you’ll receive a punch card with the list of whiskeys. As a perk, when you’ve imbibed half of the whiskeys on the list, you’ll receive a free 1-year subscription to the Whisky Advocate Magazine. Consume all whiskeys, and you’ll be treated to tastings with local distillers in Ukiah, as well as your name engraved on a beautiful nosing glass, placed on a special shelf on the back bar. The Whiskey Club is all about fun. 1-oz. pours are available, and members are welcome to split a pour. Join the community and make new connections over a selection of remarkable whiskeys at The Golden Pig!

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